The selection process

Once the vacancy has closed, all applications have to undergo a fair and consistent shortlisting process. This means that they will all be assessed against the essential and desirable characteristics on the job description and person specification. The Recruiting Manager will not be able to see any personal details of the applicants to ensure there is always a fair approach.

If you are successful in being offered an interview you will receive a notification via the NHS Jobs website to say you have been shortlisted. Following on from this, you will be contacted to arrange an interview time and you can confirm your attendance.

Some tips for successful interviewing:

  • It’s natural to feel nervous before a job interview, however don’t let this get the better of you.
  • Remember that the interviewer is just as eager for you to succeed as you are. They’re not trying to catch you out so be confident in your abilities and prove to them how suitable you are for the job.
  • Preparation is key! Remember to do your homework about the role and the organisation, make a good first impression, and remember the key points that the recruiting manager was looking for in the person specification.
  • Make a good first impression – look smart and as though you mean business.
  • Remember that the interview is a two-way process – it’s also your opportunity to ask any questions you may have about the organisation or the role and it will show you’re taking an interest in the job. Make sure you prepare a few good questions!

Values based recruitment

Values based recruitment is a way of assessing your strengths and development needs in relation to the values we are looking for in the role. A number of assessment methods may be used. All the information from the assessment process is drawn together along with your career history and experience to inform our selection decision.

What are we looking for?

We are looking for you to demonstrate your skills and behaviours in relation to our Trust values and expectations.

The values are as follows:

  • Seeing from a service User’s perspective
  • Excelling and improving
  • Responsive
  • Valuing and respectful
  • Inclusive, open and honest
  • Can do
  • Efficient, effective, economic and equitable

Download a map of our values here.

How can I prepare?

You may find it helpful to look at our values and think about ways in which you might demonstrate these at any future interview or assessment. You should also familiarise yourself with the job description and person specification and the Staff Charter which show a set of expectations against each value.

2gether uses a wide variety of methods to assess – not all of those listed below will be used. If you are required to participate in an assessment, this will be detailed in your invitation letter. However, the following descriptions act as a guide as to what each of the exercises broadly entail .

Values based interview

As a minimum you will be participating in a values based interview, where you will be asked about examples of situations when you have demonstrated particular skills or how you have approached specific issues. Questions will relate to Trust values behaviour and the skills and qualities required for the role.

What are the assessment methods used by the Trust?

In-tray exercise

An in-tray is an exercise that typically simulates some of the planning and administrative aspects of the role. You will be asked to deal with various items in the in-tray within a specified time frame.

Ability tests

You may be required to complete an ability test. The test will assess skills relevant to the role you are applying for.

Presentation exercise

You will be given information and asked to review this and prepare a short presentation related to a specific topic; alternatively, you may be given a topic with your invitation letter. You will then give the presentation. This exercise will assess your effectiveness in assimilating information, presenting data and ideas and how you present and interact.

Focus groups

You will be given information and asked to review this and present this to a panel from a multidisciplinary background. The panel will have an opportunity to test, question and challenge your ideas with a view to assessing your ability to present information and your response to questions.

Informal discussion group

You will be given a topic and this will form the basis of a discussion, before a multidisciplinary panel, made up of trust colleagues and which could include service users, who will have an opportunity to ask you questions. This is to assess your ability to communicate and interact with others and to test your views and ideas on a given topic.

Role play

This is an exercise to simulate a one to one meeting situation. You will meet with an actor playing the part of someone you need to work with to achieve a successful outcome. You will be provided with background information about the situation that has resulted in the meeting taking place and will be given time to prepare on the day. You are not expected to act, but instead to deal with the situation as you would if it happened in real life.

How will my performance be evaluated?

Each component of the assessment will be conducted and reviewed by the recruiting Manager using values and behaviours, enabling them to make objective, fair and accurate assessments of your performance.

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