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Lloyd Andrews

A day in the life of Lloyd

Lloyd Andrews is an Exercise and Health Practitioner and lead to the Physiotherapy and Exercise Team at Wotton Lawn Hospital.

“Alongside the physiotherapists, the role of the Exercise and Health Practitioner is to be one of the  leaders in the physical health of patients at Wotton Lawn, advising on nutrition, exercise, stopping smoking and generally living a healthy lifestyle.

“Each day we start by assessing any new patients who have been admitted into the hospital. We look at the persons nutritional status, for instance whether they have been eating well prior to admission. Alongside the nursing staff, we offer clinical advice on any improvements which could be made to the individual’s diet.

We also complete an assessment tool which looks at risks of cardiovascular disease in patients from things such as diet, increased BMI, lack of exercise or smoking. This is then used to make a plan with the patient going forward.

“We run groups and one to one exercise sessions for patients, including trampolining, gym, badminton, swimming and walking. We do pre exercise assessments on all patients before they do any exercise so that we can plan activities suited to their abilities.

“All patients are offered food and nutrition advice and we are also looking into offering group nutrition sessions in the near future. We also offer smoking cessation sessions to help patients who smoke to cut down or stop with support.

“I love my job because it is so varied. I meet so many new people and they all have different backgrounds and stories to tell.

“I work in a very dedicated and skilled team and that makes such a difference. I am really interested in improving physical wellbeing to help mental wellbeing and I love helping to make a difference to people’s lives through something I’m so passionate about.

“At the moment we are doing a lot of work on trying to educate staff and patients on healthy diet and how a variety of foods can be enjoyed in moderation. I firmly believe that staff are role models for patients and we have a great opportunity to demonstrate healthy lifestyles by following what we teach ourselves.