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Toni Cooper

A day in the life of Toni

Toni Cooper is a Patient Advice and Liaison Service (PALS) Officer based at Trust HQ.

“I start my day by checking my inbox for new feedback, which can be good, bad or indifferent. We have a team meeting every day to go through what has come in, looking at what is outstanding and then share out the actions.

“I call people who have made complaints to find out what their concerns are and what their preferred outcome would be, before looking at how we can achieve that. Our complaints and feedback come from anyone within the Trust. We receive 170 complaints per year and another 250 concerns or signposting of issues.

“It is really important that I am able to develop a good relationship with staff and know how to access all kinds of information. I really enjoy being able to get something sorted out for someone.

“I don’t enjoy having to tell someone that what they want doesn’t exist, that we don’t provide it, or a situation where nothing can be done, such as being on a waiting list.

“If I could pass on one message to staff, it’s to be nice. Or if you’re being nice, be nicer!”

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