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Ben Land

A day in the life of Ben

Ben Land is a Clinical Analyst in the Clinical Systems Team based at Trust HQ.

“My role supports the clinical systems that we use in the Trust. We aim to help clinicians do their job and to make it easy for people to put information into the system in a more effective way.

“I create new forms and new areas of our clinical systems programs, as requested by clinicians. To do this, I meet with the people who need the form and find out what they need, working within the system to deliver what they want.

“I have to engage with colleagues across the entire Trust, balancing the requirements of the Trust and national policies against what clinicians need to use the service for. I ensure the system is always relevant and useful.

“On average, as a team we receive 40-50 queries or requests per day and they vary in size. Some can be resolved instantly, some can take a month or two, while others can take eight months. I have to work out who the changes will impact and take all those people into consideration.

“We also run Design and Implementation Groups (DIGs) to allow users to talk about changes to the systems and how they use different areas of it.

“Before taking this role, I was a mental health nurse, and I think it’s really important that people with a clinical background do this role, something that the Trust has been used as a benchmark for.

“It doesn’t feel like there are enough hours in the day sometimes to get things done, but my experience of the Trust has been that people are really positive and friendly. They’ve really encouraged me to focus on my professional development and fulfil my potential.”

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