Arthur Nield

A day in the life of Arthur

Arthur Neild is an IT Project Support Technician working in the IT Projects Team at Trust HQ.

“I work in the IT team, providing support to staff on various IT issues and projects.

“A typical day will start with running through the list of support requests to see if there are any queries which need dealing with urgently. I’ll then spend the morning planning my work and checking progress of different projects.

“I’m usually working on longer term projects so I tend to know what I’ll be doing in advance. But throughout the day we’ll also get calls into the project team which may need dealing with immediately.

“Recently I’ve been working on the project to co-locate the new crisis service within the Police Headquarters which has been really interesting to be a part of. Last year I also spent a lot of time working on changing the email system to NHS Mail. It was hard work but it’s great now it’s all done!

“I really enjoy my job and I work in a great team. There’s lots of variety and plenty of opportunities to try new things. Sometimes there are difficult queries and things don’t go to plan, but it’s so rewarding to solve a difficult problem.